Hi my name is Nick from NW4 reviews, my film and entertainment reviews are usually short and simple, much like myself.
( MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS)I watched Dunkirk with the old ‘uns last night with it being Christmas Day. I was hoping for a lot from this film as my grandad was actually at Dunkirk as one of the evacuated soldiers and I am interested in the history of it all. Unfortunately the film was quite average and I will explain why.
There were 350000 men at Dunkirk, countless small ships came over the Channel to France as part of the armada to save the British Army. The film does not convey this very well at all. In fact a lot of the time is devoted to Tom Hardy flying a Spitfire, and this part of the film is very weak. He manages to take down several German planes despite losing both of his Squadron, even at one stage being out of fuel which would not happen. He also chooses to land in the German sector after gliding right over the Allied positions for seemingly miles. The RAF were engaged in the battle but for the vast majority of the time the soldiers would have not seen them as the dogfights were miles away. The film confusingly tries to address this with one scene where the squaddies ask a pilot ‘where were you’ so I’m not sure why they focused so much on a revisionist scene with Tom Hardy apart from the fact that he is a huge star and would be paid millions.
Also the two main protagonists are queue jumpers and do not reflect the courageous soldiers who waited their turn to go out to sea, a lot of them wading out to the boats. You see none of this. You also see very sanitized scenes where the dive bombers hit the beach but there seems to be no real carnage whereas in reality there would have been blood and guts everywhere. I was told the next man to my grandfather had his head blown off, he never spoke of this. This is the reality of war. Another scene I found very annoying was where the sailors from a sunken boat got caught and burnt in an oil slick as it is directly copied from Das Boot which is actually a brilliant war film which correctly depicts the horror of war. The soundtrack too is horrible, it is supposed to create dramatic impact but they would have been better of showing the soldiers laughing and joking, this is how they dealt with the horror of it all. Of course there were the shell shocked too fleeing Dunkirk but I am not sure why they gave so much time to the character who is shown with this condition aside from the fact that he is also a big name actor like Tom Hardy (Cillian Murphy I am led to believe)
All in all I will give this film 5/10, it is a confusing and unrealistic portrayal of one of the greatest retreats and evacuations in military history. It does not do justice to the heroic soldiers who were evacuated and there is no build-up to how they got to Dunkirk in the first place. Thank you for reading my review of Dunkirk and please read my other reviews, links are here for the likes of Trainspotting, Naked and Afraid, Sully and many more. Catch you later!



Hello, my name is Nick and welcome to NW4 reviews, I like to review film and TV and keep my reviews short and simple, much like myself. I rank everything on a scale of 1-10. I try not to give  out spoilers too so as not to spoil peoples fun.
Apologies for the delay since the last blog, I haven’t really been watching much stuff worth reviewing. I just finished season 1 of Preacher which I watched on Amazon (it will be available other places no doubt). This gory comic book horror show is a real treat from the first episode to the last, I don’t think I’ve enjoyed anything as much for a long time. Not for the faint hearted, the show revolves around a preacher, his demented Irish vampire friend and his childhood sweetheart, who herself is a madwoman called Tulip. It’s set in a small deep South town called Annville and features a brilliant range of characters and it actually puts me in mind of the League of Gentlemen but in an American setting. I’m not usually one for comic-book stuff or horror really but this is so well filmed and interesting and features a whole plethora of interesting oddbods such as meat worshipping slaughterhouse baron Odin, and the Ass-faced kid who can’t ever seem to do anything right and has to eat all his meals as smoothies for the rest of time. The second season is currently being released on Amazon with one episode every Tuesday so there are plenty of episodes out there to be getting on with.
The excellent acting, cinematography, storyline and  generally gripping ambience of Preacher means I am going to give it 9/10.  Thanks for reading my blog and hopefully I didn’t give away too much spoilers wise, thanks for checking out NW4 reviews, tattybye!


Hi there, my name is Nick and I like to review films and TV for a bit of fun and grade them between 1 and 10.  My reviews are short and simple, much like myself!
In my blogs so far (nine of them ) I haven’t given a single film a perfect ten score.  I will remedy that now, Das Boot gets 10/10 from NW4 reviews. There is nothing much to fault about this film and I don’t want to give any spoilers at all about it in the hope that people might read this and then go and enjoy it to the full. It’s simply the best war film ever made in my opinion and captures perfectly the stupidity, futility and senseless nature of war. The film is available as a TV series  set over several episodes or you can get a brilliant uncut DVD or BluRay directors cut. If you don’t like subtitles there is a perfectly dubbed English version in which the German actors themselves speak their parts in English. Genius stuff really. The reason I am moved to post this review is that people will watch some utter rubbish regarding WW2 like the Fury film with Brad Pitt (SPOILER COMING) in which Mr Pitt takes on an entire SS brigade by himself as if they were boy scouts out playing with pea-shooters. Don’t waste your time with this kind of unrealistic nonsense, watch a proper war film in which you might learn something meaningful about life. I’m never going to review Fury by the way except to give it 4/10 here!
Thanks for reading my latest blog, I give Das Boot 10/10. Have a nice week! Nick


trainspotting jpeg
Hi there, my name is Nick and this is my blog. My aim is to rank films, TV and other media on a 1-10 scoring system and to keep my reviews as simple as possible, much like myself! (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)
I watched the original Trainspotting film at the cinema in the 90’s which seems like quite a long time ago. It was an iconic film of its time and I decided not to watch the original again before I watched the sequel so I could judge T2 more on its own merits. I’m not sure if Trainspotting really needed a sequel and I think they left it a bit late for this one, but that said the film does work quite well by itself.  I would advise people to watch the original before they watch this one, just so you get a better sense of the storyline. I was a bit worried about the actors in the new film suffering from ‘actor face’, which is what I call it when they try and remake films and TV with the original actors who quite often have had cosmetic surgeries and stuff like that done over the years. A classic case of that is the new X Files series in which a fresh faced Scully and Mulder from the 90’s have unfortunately not aged naturally as such and the ‘actor face’ takes a bit of believability away from their roles. In T2 actor face isn’t really an issue though I do think Begbie probably should have aged a bit more than he has done in the film!
As for T2, the film itself is a good watch, if a bit slow to get going. There is a brilliant scene in an Edinburgh working mens club which gets the film up and running and from then on it’s an enjoyable watch to the finish. Not as good as the original film, but that was never going to happen. The stand out actor for me is Ewan Bremner, he plays his role as ‘Spud’ superbly in this. I’m not particularly a fan of Ewan Macgregor or Jonny Lee Miller but they play their parts well enough as does the far superior Robert Carlyle or ‘Begbie’. Some good moments in the film as a whole and nice shots of Edinburgh.
I give T2 Trainspotting 8/10. My name is Nick and thank you for checking out my blog on NW4 reviews. Any feedback welcome either here or anywhere else you might find me and please check out my previous blogs of things like the Walking Dead, Trailer Park Boys, and the up-coming Game of Thrones spin-off shows. Tattybye!


This is my review of Logan. My name is Nick and I have set up NW4 reviews to be an alternative straight forward review blog where I rate media on a scale of 1-10.logan
POSSIBLE SPOILERS!! I have watched quite a few Marvel and comic book films in general and to be brutally honest most of them have no kind of impact on me. I struggle to remember what happens in the films usually after I have just watched them. This one was really good in terms of the story line though and I will be giving it a high rating. The young Mexican child actress in it is really superb, her performance put me in mind of Natalie Portmans break out role in Leon. It is Logan (Wolverine for the uninitiated) who is tasked with protecting her in the film although she doesn’t really need to seem to need it most of the time.. It is tricky writing these reviews without giving too much of the story away but this film was a step above what I expected, a lot of it down to her performance. Patrick Stewart is also excellent in this film, probably the best he has been in all of the X- Men films.Richard E Grant pops up in this too, a favourite with all film hipsters because of his iconic role in Withnail and I. Stephen Merchant is also very memorable as Wolverines albino friend, I know him from Karl Pilkingtons comedy round the world adventures .
Wolverine is probably the best one of these Marvel or comic book characters for me, as a kid i used to love Spiderman but the fella who plays him now (Garfield?) does nothing for me as actor. Logan is an excellent film and if you never usually watch this genre of movie then give it a go, it’s not the usual gung-ho cartoony action stuff and has quite a lot going for it.
I will give Logan 9/10. Thank you for reading my blog, I will try my best to post new content as much as possible and for any further questions or feedback please leave comments with the blogs. Tattybye!


Hi there, my name is Nick. This is my entertainment blog, my aim is to score shows and other media on a 1-10 scale and to keep my reviews simple, much like myself!
(POSSIBLE SPOILERS) I just finished the first season of Deadwood. I heard a lot about this show from various sources, some people are convinced that it is the greatest TV series ever made. The show is set in an 1870’s American settlement and features several famous characters from US history including Wild Bill Hickock. There are some very well known actors involved in it including the fella from Justified and ITV’s very own Lovejoy who plays the reprobate saloon owner Al Swearengine. I have enjoyed the 12 episodes I’ve seen so far very much, there have been some really epic moments and the acting is top notch. Also they recreate the feel of the era very well without using too much CGI and other techniques which I think spoil similar shows such as Boardwalk Empire which is another HBO series set in America (albeit some 50 years later). You can get the entire box set of this series for just £15 if you look around and at that price you won’t pick up anything any better to watch. I am going to give a provisional rating as there are another 2 series to watch yet but so far I would score Deadwood at 8.5/10
I’ve done half a dozen of these blogs now and I would like to think my reviews are as positive as they can be. Too many reviews are negative because it is easier to pick fault with things or people try to be clever for the sake of it. Then you get the pretentious stuff which I categorise as ‘people talking bollocks’. Lots of big words with nothing really being said at all! I promise with all my reviews you won’t get any of that, just a clear and simple overview of what I am looking at. Please leave any feedback with the blogs if you think I can do better or I can be found on social media too if you know where to look.
Cheers for reading! Nick


Hi there, my name is Nick and this is my entertainment blog. I look to review all kinds of entertainment media on a 1-10 scoring basis and keep my reviews as simple as possible, much like myself!
Today I am looking at Naked and Afraid, which I rank as my favourite survival show. It airs on Discovery in the UK and I honestly think it is the most entertaining survival series on TV. The basic premise of the show is to drop 2 people in the middle of nowhere for 21 days with no clothes and just one survival item each and see how they get on. The nudity is edited out and adds to the mix survival wise. In baking heat or freezing cold there is a need for clothing that has to be addressed. 21 days might not seem that long to survive but I have watched a lot of episodes of this now and it is always touch and go whether one or both of the survivalists make it to the end of their stay. The show I just watched featured a witch called Sabrina who had never left the USA and a survival instructor who was pretty full of himself and confident going into a tropical jungle. The beauty of Naked and Afraid for me is that it really does test the survival capabilities of the people in it. The survival instructor had to pack it in after 16 days, totally sick and beaten whilst the witch made it to day 20 before being airlifted out in a bad state. I can see people objecting to people putting themselves through this kind of ordeal for the sake of entertainment  but for me it’s like boxing and arguments against that, boxers know what the risks entail as do the survivalists on the show. It’s a non factor for me. If they find food and water they live well, or maintain a fire to do these things. The show teaches people how to survive in almost impossible conditions which can only be a good thing.
Like I say I watch several of these kind of shows, I just finished watching Bear Grylls the Island which I found very disappointing, am not going to blog that one but I generally like Bear Grylls although there seems to be a lot of dislike for him from survivalists. There is also Survivorman featuring Les Stroud available which is more minimalistic in approach but maybe not as entertaining, I do recommend that one too. Naked and Afraid is my favourite going by how much entertainment it has provided me,  you never can really predict with any certainty who will survive for 21 days and often it comes down to true grit rather than skill.
Naked and Afraid gets 9/10 from me, a great show with a lot of engaging characters who have taken part in it, some of them displaying remarkable feats of endurance. naked and afraid
Have a nice week, I am available here and elsewhere for any further questions regarding NW4 REVIEWS or my blogs in general. Nick


Hi there, welcome to NW4 reviews, my name is Nick, I rate entertainment media on a scale of 1-10 and it is my aim to keep all my reviews as simple as possible (much like myself!) This is my 4th Blog, featuring my review of the Trailer Park Boys.
I will hold my hand up straight away and say I am a massive fan of this show, just so you know that my review is a maybe a little rose-tinted.. All seasons are available on Netflix and you can watch podcasts on Youtube, in fact there is a massive amount of content available as the Boys have their own website (Swearnet) which has a ton of content on it which is updated all the time with things like their weekly podcast.
Once you get past the oddness of the first episode it takes no time at all to get into this series. A lot of the comedy situations portrayed and characters are first rate including kitty obsessive Bubbles, wannabee white rapper J-Roc and Mr Muscles Julian, not to mention the crazy drunk Mr Lahey who runs the Trailer Park where the boys live with his shirtless big gutted side-kick Randy. One thing to be aware of is there is a lot of swearing and risque humour which might not to be everybodies taste. I love it and look forward to the podcast on Swearnet every week which often features special guests as an added bonus. Try and get past the first episode, keep an open mind and you will be hooked on this show just like me!

The Trailer Park Boys score 10/10 from me, my first perfect ten so far. Fecking hilarious! Thank you for reading this blog and scroll down the page to check for my older reviews, I will be adding new content all the time on here while I complete my other project which may also be debuting on WordPress soon. Keep an eye out! Tattybye! Nick


Hi there, my name is Nick. I used to have an F1 blog years ago which was very popular, this is my first real venture into the world of Entertainment, will see how I get on! My aim is to keep my blogs simple and use a standard 1-10 rating to grade my reviews
Blog 2 focused on the Walking Dead and why everybody should give it a go. I don’t think the same applies to the Game of Thrones. I ‘ve watched every episode and read the books too and I have to say I have mixed feelings about the world George R.R.Martin has created.


To begin with, the TV series is far better than the books. The author loses his way in the books and starts waffling to be brutally honest. The TV guys have done a much better cutting things to size to make a watchable TV series. Even so there are a lot of things which I don’t like about the TV show. (SOME SPOILERS COMING)
The acting is terrible in general, I think what they have done to get the budget to portray the land of Westeros is not pay much initially for the actors. For example, Brienne of Tarth, well you could put me in a dress and give me a sword and I think I would do a better job than the actress who portrays her. That’s without shaving my beard off. In fact, she is so bad she is good, and is actually one of my favourite characters. Cersei Lannister too, she has only one face and uses it all the time, I’m not sure if this down to Botox damage or what but anybody watching the show will know what i mean. A really snide mush on her which never really changes much.
Despite this the show does have some decent actors too like the fella who plays Ser Davos Seaworth, the Onion Knight, who the producers have very wisely chosen to give a much bigger role than he has in the book. Tyrion is great also, he is the little fella who non-watchers probably associate with the show, and his hooker was also a decent actress before she was bumped off. I  have heard that there are spin-off series’ coming of the Game of Thrones and using some of these better characters will make for much better viewing. Game of Thrones contains much too much filler and duff storyline and a pared down show makes a hell of a lot of sense. There are people out there who couldn’t get into Breaking Bad and I tell them to watch Better call Saul so in the same way people who don’t fancy Game of Thrones, give the spin-off shows a go. I will revisit this topic in a future blog. Cheers for reading and feel free to send my any suggestions either here or anywhere else you can find links to my blog. My name is Nick. Valar Morghulis!

I give Game of Thrones 7/10. The spin offs will be rated as and when!


Fewer but longer episodes really helped this season, it seemed like there was a lot less filler and a lot more action. Of course some of the action was a little bit unbelievable, Jaime Lannister sinking about 70 feet into water in a heavy suit of armour only to be rescued by his faithful sidekick Bronn. Also Danerys saving Jon Snow, somewhat reminiscent of the eagle saving Gandalf in Lord of the Rings. The scenes where Littlefinger met his come-uppance at the hands of Arya and Sansa were absolutely tremendous however. I’ve left revisiting this series a little bit too long but the key point for me is that in tweaking the format of the show, the showrunners have improved Game of Thrones to the point where every episode is eagerly anticipated by myself. My new score will be 8.5 /10 , up from 7/10. Thanks for reading and please check out my other reviews on here. Nick


The Walking Dead is one of those shows that people will turn their nose up at because of inherent prejudice ‘Zombies, not watching that’ in the same way that Game of Thrones is looked down on by people who think fantasy stuff is, well a load of old bollocks. These people are missing out with the Walking Dead, there are valid reasons why Game of Thrones is maybe not all that but I will come to that in another blog.
There is much more to the show than the Zombies or ‘Walkers’ as they are called by the people left in the world trying to avoid them.  Survival in a post-apocalyptic landscape where everything is ruined and nothing is what it was, where striving to exist is the be all and end all, that is the theme of this series. Consider the situation in which we are all living in now where the leader of the free world Trump is arguably not the most stable of characters, and has his finger near the doom-switch. Who is to say that all of us might not end up in some world stricken by disaster, is it really that impossible? It only takes one little orange man and the whole world could get flushed down the shit-pipes!
The Walking Dead usually focuses on a select group of characters each show and there are some really great actors in it, such as Lennie James who plays Morgan and can be seen in shows like the Line of Duty. When you get individual shows driven by great actors like this it makes for fantastic viewing at times. There is the odd duff episode where the acting isn’t as strong but on the whole the brilliant individual episodes make the Walking Dead must see viewing in my book. There is extreme violence in the show which some people can take issue with, that’s fair enough. Don’t let the Zombies put you off though, that’s all I’m saying!

The Walking Dead gets 9/10 from me. My name is Nick. Cheers for reading-NW4REVIEWSbloggy2