Hello, my name is Nick and welcome to NW4 reviews, I like to review film and TV and keep my reviews short and simple, much like myself. I rank everything on a scale of 1-10. I try not to give  out spoilers too so as not to spoil peoples fun.
Apologies for the delay since the last blog, I haven’t really been watching much stuff worth reviewing. I just finished season 1 of Preacher which I watched on Amazon (it will be available other places no doubt). This gory comic book horror show is a real treat from the first episode to the last, I don’t think I’ve enjoyed anything as much for a long time. Not for the faint hearted, the show revolves around a preacher, his demented Irish vampire friend and his childhood sweetheart, who herself is a madwoman called Tulip. It’s set in a small deep South town called Annville and features a brilliant range of characters and it actually puts me in mind of the League of Gentlemen but in an American setting. I’m not usually one for comic-book stuff or horror really but this is so well filmed and interesting and features a whole plethora of interesting oddbods such as meat worshipping slaughterhouse baron Odin, and the Ass-faced kid who can’t ever seem to do anything right and has to eat all his meals as smoothies for the rest of time. The second season is currently being released on Amazon with one episode every Tuesday so there are plenty of episodes out there to be getting on with.
The excellent acting, cinematography, storyline and  generally gripping ambience of Preacher means I am going to give it 9/10.  Thanks for reading my blog and hopefully I didn’t give away too much spoilers wise, thanks for checking out NW4 reviews, tattybye!


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