Hi there, my name is Nick and I like to review films and TV for a bit of fun and grade them between 1 and 10.  My reviews are short and simple, much like myself!
In my blogs so far (nine of them ) I haven’t given a single film a perfect ten score.  I will remedy that now, Das Boot gets 10/10 from NW4 reviews. There is nothing much to fault about this film and I don’t want to give any spoilers at all about it in the hope that people might read this and then go and enjoy it to the full. It’s simply the best war film ever made in my opinion and captures perfectly the stupidity, futility and senseless nature of war. The film is available as a TV series  set over several episodes or you can get a brilliant uncut DVD or BluRay directors cut. If you don’t like subtitles there is a perfectly dubbed English version in which the German actors themselves speak their parts in English. Genius stuff really. The reason I am moved to post this review is that people will watch some utter rubbish regarding WW2 like the Fury film with Brad Pitt (SPOILER COMING) in which Mr Pitt takes on an entire SS brigade by himself as if they were boy scouts out playing with pea-shooters. Don’t waste your time with this kind of unrealistic nonsense, watch a proper war film in which you might learn something meaningful about life. I’m never going to review Fury by the way except to give it 4/10 here!
Thanks for reading my latest blog, I give Das Boot 10/10. Have a nice week! Nick


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