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Hi there, my name is Nick and this is my blog. My aim is to rank films, TV and other media on a 1-10 scoring system and to keep my reviews as simple as possible, much like myself! (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)
I watched the original Trainspotting film at the cinema in the 90’s which seems like quite a long time ago. It was an iconic film of its time and I decided not to watch the original again before I watched the sequel so I could judge T2 more on its own merits. I’m not sure if Trainspotting really needed a sequel and I think they left it a bit late for this one, but that said the film does work quite well by itself.  I would advise people to watch the original before they watch this one, just so you get a better sense of the storyline. I was a bit worried about the actors in the new film suffering from ‘actor face’, which is what I call it when they try and remake films and TV with the original actors who quite often have had cosmetic surgeries and stuff like that done over the years. A classic case of that is the new X Files series in which a fresh faced Scully and Mulder from the 90’s have unfortunately not aged naturally as such and the ‘actor face’ takes a bit of believability away from their roles. In T2 actor face isn’t really an issue though I do think Begbie probably should have aged a bit more than he has done in the film!
As for T2, the film itself is a good watch, if a bit slow to get going. There is a brilliant scene in an Edinburgh working mens club which gets the film up and running and from then on it’s an enjoyable watch to the finish. Not as good as the original film, but that was never going to happen. The stand out actor for me is Ewan Bremner, he plays his role as ‘Spud’ superbly in this. I’m not particularly a fan of Ewan Macgregor or Jonny Lee Miller but they play their parts well enough as does the far superior Robert Carlyle or ‘Begbie’. Some good moments in the film as a whole and nice shots of Edinburgh.
I give T2 Trainspotting 8/10. My name is Nick and thank you for checking out my blog on NW4 reviews. Any feedback welcome either here or anywhere else you might find me and please check out my previous blogs of things like the Walking Dead, Trailer Park Boys, and the up-coming Game of Thrones spin-off shows. Tattybye!


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