This is my review of Logan. My name is Nick and I have set up NW4 reviews to be an alternative straight forward review blog where I rate media on a scale of 1-10.logan
POSSIBLE SPOILERS!! I have watched quite a few Marvel and comic book films in general and to be brutally honest most of them have no kind of impact on me. I struggle to remember what happens in the films usually after I have just watched them. This one was really good in terms of the story line though and I will be giving it a high rating. The young Mexican child actress in it is really superb, her performance put me in mind of Natalie Portmans break out role in Leon. It is Logan (Wolverine for the uninitiated) who is tasked with protecting her in the film although she doesn’t really need to seem to need it most of the time.. It is tricky writing these reviews without giving too much of the story away but this film was a step above what I expected, a lot of it down to her performance. Patrick Stewart is also excellent in this film, probably the best he has been in all of the X- Men films.Richard E Grant pops up in this too, a favourite with all film hipsters because of his iconic role in Withnail and I. Stephen Merchant is also very memorable as Wolverines albino friend, I know him from Karl Pilkingtons comedy round the world adventures .
Wolverine is probably the best one of these Marvel or comic book characters for me, as a kid i used to love Spiderman but the fella who plays him now (Garfield?) does nothing for me as actor. Logan is an excellent film and if you never usually watch this genre of movie then give it a go, it’s not the usual gung-ho cartoony action stuff and has quite a lot going for it.
I will give Logan 9/10. Thank you for reading my blog, I will try my best to post new content as much as possible and for any further questions or feedback please leave comments with the blogs. Tattybye!


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