Hi there, my name is Nick. This is my entertainment blog, my aim is to score shows and other media on a 1-10 scale and to keep my reviews simple, much like myself!
(POSSIBLE SPOILERS) I just finished the first season of Deadwood. I heard a lot about this show from various sources, some people are convinced that it is the greatest TV series ever made. The show is set in an 1870’s American settlement and features several famous characters from US history including Wild Bill Hickock. There are some very well known actors involved in it including the fella from Justified and ITV’s very own Lovejoy who plays the reprobate saloon owner Al Swearengine. I have enjoyed the 12 episodes I’ve seen so far very much, there have been some really epic moments and the acting is top notch. Also they recreate the feel of the era very well without using too much CGI and other techniques which I think spoil similar shows such as Boardwalk Empire which is another HBO series set in America (albeit some 50 years later). You can get the entire box set of this series for just £15 if you look around and at that price you won’t pick up anything any better to watch. I am going to give a provisional rating as there are another 2 series to watch yet but so far I would score Deadwood at 8.5/10
I’ve done half a dozen of these blogs now and I would like to think my reviews are as positive as they can be. Too many reviews are negative because it is easier to pick fault with things or people try to be clever for the sake of it. Then you get the pretentious stuff which I categorise as ‘people talking bollocks’. Lots of big words with nothing really being said at all! I promise with all my reviews you won’t get any of that, just a clear and simple overview of what I am looking at. Please leave any feedback with the blogs if you think I can do better or I can be found on social media too if you know where to look.
Cheers for reading! Nick


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