Hi there, my name is Nick and this is my entertainment blog. I look to review all kinds of entertainment media on a 1-10 scoring basis and keep my reviews as simple as possible, much like myself!
Today I am looking at Naked and Afraid, which I rank as my favourite survival show. It airs on Discovery in the UK and I honestly think it is the most entertaining survival series on TV. The basic premise of the show is to drop 2 people in the middle of nowhere for 21 days with no clothes and just one survival item each and see how they get on. The nudity is edited out and adds to the mix survival wise. In baking heat or freezing cold there is a need for clothing that has to be addressed. 21 days might not seem that long to survive but I have watched a lot of episodes of this now and it is always touch and go whether one or both of the survivalists make it to the end of their stay. The show I just watched featured a witch called Sabrina who had never left the USA and a survival instructor who was pretty full of himself and confident going into a tropical jungle. The beauty of Naked and Afraid for me is that it really does test the survival capabilities of the people in it. The survival instructor had to pack it in after 16 days, totally sick and beaten whilst the witch made it to day 20 before being airlifted out in a bad state. I can see people objecting to people putting themselves through this kind of ordeal for the sake of entertainment  but for me it’s like boxing and arguments against that, boxers know what the risks entail as do the survivalists on the show. It’s a non factor for me. If they find food and water they live well, or maintain a fire to do these things. The show teaches people how to survive in almost impossible conditions which can only be a good thing.
Like I say I watch several of these kind of shows, I just finished watching Bear Grylls the Island which I found very disappointing, am not going to blog that one but I generally like Bear Grylls although there seems to be a lot of dislike for him from survivalists. There is also Survivorman featuring Les Stroud available which is more minimalistic in approach but maybe not as entertaining, I do recommend that one too. Naked and Afraid is my favourite going by how much entertainment it has provided me,  you never can really predict with any certainty who will survive for 21 days and often it comes down to true grit rather than skill.
Naked and Afraid gets 9/10 from me, a great show with a lot of engaging characters who have taken part in it, some of them displaying remarkable feats of endurance. naked and afraid
Have a nice week, I am available here and elsewhere for any further questions regarding NW4 REVIEWS or my blogs in general. Nick



    1. ‘Wearing Underwear and Afraid’ doesn’t have quite the same ring to it though. The nudity is just a gimmick and works brilliantly in the show creating a dynamic from the start as to how the people in the show approach it and also how they adapt themselves to whichever survival situation they are in.

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