Hi there, welcome to NW4 reviews, my name is Nick, I rate entertainment media on a scale of 1-10 and it is my aim to keep all my reviews as simple as possible (much like myself!) This is my 4th Blog, featuring my review of the Trailer Park Boys.
I will hold my hand up straight away and say I am a massive fan of this show, just so you know that my review is a maybe a little rose-tinted.. All seasons are available on Netflix and you can watch podcasts on Youtube, in fact there is a massive amount of content available as the Boys have their own website (Swearnet) which has a ton of content on it which is updated all the time with things like their weekly podcast.
Once you get past the oddness of the first episode it takes no time at all to get into this series. A lot of the comedy situations portrayed and characters are first rate including kitty obsessive Bubbles, wannabee white rapper J-Roc and Mr Muscles Julian, not to mention the crazy drunk Mr Lahey who runs the Trailer Park where the boys live with his shirtless big gutted side-kick Randy. One thing to be aware of is there is a lot of swearing and risque humour which might not to be everybodies taste. I love it and look forward to the podcast on Swearnet every week which often features special guests as an added bonus. Try and get past the first episode, keep an open mind and you will be hooked on this show just like me!

The Trailer Park Boys score 10/10 from me, my first perfect ten so far. Fecking hilarious! Thank you for reading this blog and scroll down the page to check for my older reviews, I will be adding new content all the time on here while I complete my other project which may also be debuting on WordPress soon. Keep an eye out! Tattybye! Nick


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