Hi there, my name is Nick. I used to have an F1 blog years ago which was very popular, this is my first real venture into the world of Entertainment, will see how I get on! My aim is to keep my blogs simple and use a standard 1-10 rating to grade my reviews
Blog 2 focused on the Walking Dead and why everybody should give it a go. I don’t think the same applies to the Game of Thrones. I ‘ve watched every episode and read the books too and I have to say I have mixed feelings about the world George R.R.Martin has created.


To begin with, the TV series is far better than the books. The author loses his way in the books and starts waffling to be brutally honest. The TV guys have done a much better cutting things to size to make a watchable TV series. Even so there are a lot of things which I don’t like about the TV show. (SOME SPOILERS COMING)
The acting is terrible in general, I think what they have done to get the budget to portray the land of Westeros is not pay much initially for the actors. For example, Brienne of Tarth, well you could put me in a dress and give me a sword and I think I would do a better job than the actress who portrays her. That’s without shaving my beard off. In fact, she is so bad she is good, and is actually one of my favourite characters. Cersei Lannister too, she has only one face and uses it all the time, I’m not sure if this down to Botox damage or what but anybody watching the show will know what i mean. A really snide mush on her which never really changes much.
Despite this the show does have some decent actors too like the fella who plays Ser Davos Seaworth, the Onion Knight, who the producers have very wisely chosen to give a much bigger role than he has in the book. Tyrion is great also, he is the little fella who non-watchers probably associate with the show, and his hooker was also a decent actress before she was bumped off. I  have heard that there are spin-off series’ coming of the Game of Thrones and using some of these better characters will make for much better viewing. Game of Thrones contains much too much filler and duff storyline and a pared down show makes a hell of a lot of sense. There are people out there who couldn’t get into Breaking Bad and I tell them to watch Better call Saul so in the same way people who don’t fancy Game of Thrones, give the spin-off shows a go. I will revisit this topic in a future blog. Cheers for reading and feel free to send my any suggestions either here or anywhere else you can find links to my blog. My name is Nick. Valar Morghulis!

I give Game of Thrones 7/10. The spin offs will be rated as and when!


Fewer but longer episodes really helped this season, it seemed like there was a lot less filler and a lot more action. Of course some of the action was a little bit unbelievable, Jaime Lannister sinking about 70 feet into water in a heavy suit of armour only to be rescued by his faithful sidekick Bronn. Also Danerys saving Jon Snow, somewhat reminiscent of the eagle saving Gandalf in Lord of the Rings. The scenes where Littlefinger met his come-uppance at the hands of Arya and Sansa were absolutely tremendous however. I’ve left revisiting this series a little bit too long but the key point for me is that in tweaking the format of the show, the showrunners have improved Game of Thrones to the point where every episode is eagerly anticipated by myself. My new score will be 8.5 /10 , up from 7/10. Thanks for reading and please check out my other reviews on here. Nick



  1. Thank you Samuel, that’s very kind. I think reviewing films or tv is a good way to give something back especially if you have really enjoyed the experience. Have a great weekend!


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