The Walking Dead is one of those shows that people will turn their nose up at because of inherent prejudice ‘Zombies, not watching that’ in the same way that Game of Thrones is looked down on by people who think fantasy stuff is, well a load of old bollocks. These people are missing out with the Walking Dead, there are valid reasons why Game of Thrones is maybe not all that but I will come to that in another blog.
There is much more to the show than the Zombies or ‘Walkers’ as they are called by the people left in the world trying to avoid them.  Survival in a post-apocalyptic landscape where everything is ruined and nothing is what it was, where striving to exist is the be all and end all, that is the theme of this series. Consider the situation in which we are all living in now where the leader of the free world Trump is arguably not the most stable of characters, and has his finger near the doom-switch. Who is to say that all of us might not end up in some world stricken by disaster, is it really that impossible? It only takes one little orange man and the whole world could get flushed down the shit-pipes!
The Walking Dead usually focuses on a select group of characters each show and there are some really great actors in it, such as Lennie James who plays Morgan and can be seen in shows like the Line of Duty. When you get individual shows driven by great actors like this it makes for fantastic viewing at times. There is the odd duff episode where the acting isn’t as strong but on the whole the brilliant individual episodes make the Walking Dead must see viewing in my book. There is extreme violence in the show which some people can take issue with, that’s fair enough. Don’t let the Zombies put you off though, that’s all I’m saying!

The Walking Dead gets 9/10 from me. My name is Nick. Cheers for reading-NW4REVIEWSbloggy2


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