Hi there and welcome to my first ever entertainment blog. My name is Nick and I’m looking to review tv, film and games and anything else thrown my way, and to rank everything on a 1-10 scale. I will flag up spoilers in case anybody doesn’t want to know whats going on before experiencing it themselves. I will be keeping the blogs simple, much like myself (spoiler) as no one wants to read a load of pretentious old crap! Well not me anyway.
First review then, might aswell get started
SULLY (film) (spoilers)
I really enjoyed this film, which is about the airline pilot who landed a plane on the Hudson River. I can say that much without it being a spoiler I hope. I enjoyed the performances in the film which stars Tom Hanks as the pilot and Aaron Eckhart as his co-pilot. I didn’ t recognise Eckhart until I saw the credits which is the sign of a good performance in my book. The film is not overly long which I like and is quite inspirational in parts, and watchable throughout. I have to be honest and say I watch a lot of films these days which send me off, I lose interest and have to watch them in segments but I watched this straight through. Some really good shots of New York in Sully and it is directed by Clint Eastwood who is doing a wonderful job at his ripe old age making a film this good. Cheers for reading! Nick.


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